Quality of Life Issues

Councilman Cimperman is a tireless advocate for the City of Cleveland and strives to make it the best location to live, work, and recreate. Born to a Slovenian immigrant and a son of the City of Cleveland, Councilman Cimperman is proud of the people of Cleveland and is proud of its assets and amenities. Cleveland is the best city in the world to raise a family. This being said, Councilman Cimperman still feels Cleveland’s best days are yet to come.

Over the course of Councilman Cimperman’s 17 years on Cleveland City Council, he and his staff have responded to over one hundred thousand calls for assistance, ranging from streets needed to be cleared, to vacant housing issues, to building new sports stadiums.

Ward 3 is home to over 40 monthly block clubs and civic meetings and Councilman Cimperman is honored to attend when invited.  Councilman Cimperman works with residents, friends, and neighbors to make the City of Cleveland and ward 3 a premier location to call home. He has introduced legislation to combat nuisances and communicates regularly with the Cleveland Police Department’s Second and Third Districts to insure the safety and security of Ward 3’s residents and visitors.

Most recently, Councilman Cimperman has focused his efforts on ensuring that the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge Project is successful for the Tremont and Downtown Neighborhoods. The Innerbelt is a vital artery for the City of Cleveland and the project’s success is important, but equally as important are the resident’s concerns and quality of life before, during, and after the project’s completion.

Additionally, Councilman Cimperman has been active in promoting education in the City of Cleveland and Ward 3. Councilman Cimperman was one of the leading voices for passing Issue 107 in November, 2012 and has led the charge to save Tremont Montessori four times. It is important that the neighborhoods in Ward 3 have educational resources. With Councilman Cimperman’s help, Ward 3 was able to attract Near West Intergenerational School, which now maintains a well-functioning relationship with Garrett Morgan and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Working in conjunction with a neighborhood development corporation, Councilman Cimperman was able to retain Dunbar School in Ohio City and work with CMSD to better weave the new building into the urban fabric.

Councilman Cimperman’s office is the only City Council Office with a full-time Constituent Services Coordinator. The role of the Coordinator is to aid Ward 3 Constituents by educating them on the services offered by the City of Cleveland and the various social service agencies throughout the City of Cleveland. The Coordinator brings in outside services to ensure that constituents receive services related to personal, medical, or social needs for themselves and others in the community. Additionally, the Coordinator acts as a liaison between the service provider and the constituents needing services.

Councilman Cimperman is proud to represent Ward 3 and make the lives of residents easier, help them live longer and healthier, and to spread the word about living in Cleveland.