Healthy CLE Summer Update

The People for Joe Cimperman

Although summer is upon us, Healthy Cleveland continues to work diligently to make a happier and healthier city for all! The projects of this summer were kicked off in April when the six subgroups of Healthy Cleveland met with Mayor Jackson. The six subgroups of Healthy Cleveland are the following: Healthy Eating and Nutrition, Active Living, Clean Air/Smoking Cessation, Mental Health, Healthy Neighborhoods, and Health Literacy. Each subgroup is comprised of a leader and members who have volunteered to help based on their interests and capacities to assist the subgroup. The meeting with Mayor Jackson overviewed the overarching goal of each subgroup, and ways the group can achieve these goals via legislation and community initiatives. So what exactly has transpired since then? Here is a little overview of what has been happening with each group!

The Active Living group has been quite active in their endeavor to identify active living deserts in the community. Along with City Planning, the group is creating maps that include resources where exercise is possible. This includes rec centers, parks, bike paths, and any other resources. By creating this map, the group will be able to identify where the "deserts", and take steps towards implements resources in these areas. 

The Healthy Eating and Nutrition group has been continuing the Vitamix smoothie program that began last summer when 10 rec centers participated in a pilot smoothie program. Since then 9 CMSD schools have implemented a program into the school day; 3 schools making them during lunch, and the other 6 making them in the classroom. We are currently in the process of helping more schools jump on board! The group is also working on getting more gardens at the schools to connect with the education of healthy eating. Finally, the group is working on creating and implementing healthy food guidelines for the city of Cleveland.

The Mental Health group is proud to announce the NAMI walk which will be held on Saturday, September 7th. The purpose is to raise awareness of mental illness in order to beat the stigma that is so prevalent in our society. The walk is also a fundraiser to raise money to help treat mental illness. Ward 3 is excited to have a team and is accepting contributions. 

The Clean Air/Smoking Cessation group has recently been reformed. With new members on board, and fresh minds, a lot of exciting things are in store for this group! At the moment, there is a large focus on research to see what other cities are doing to address this issue, and how it can be replicated in Cleveland. 

Health Literacy recently revealed the Healthy Cleveland logo which is present on the top of this newsletter! This subgroup is focusing on creating a brand for Healthy Cleveland so that residents throughout the city know what Healthy Cleveland is, what resources are available to them, and even how they can get involved. 

Healthy Neighborhoods’ goal is to assess the overall health of neighborhoods in order to identify the needs of the community and address them through various programs. Ward 3 will be the first to take on this challenge by assessing the overall health of its neighborhoods! The residents of the Ward 3 neighborhoods will have an active voice in the process.

Finally, we would like to announce that the Healthy Cleveland 2.0 resolution was introduced at Council of the Whole on July 10th! This resolution reviews the great work that has been done, introduces the six subgroups, and gives an overview of the exciting things these subgroups will be working on.