Joe's Record / The Issues

Councilman Cimperman brings passion and energy to the City of Cleveland everyday because that is what Ward 3 is - passionate and energized! The driving force behind the Councilman's work is the dream that Cleveland gave him as a child. As a child, the City of Cleveland provided Councilman Cimperman with a dream that he wants everyone and every child to have. He understood what it meant to be loved and he wants every Clevelander to feel the same. 

Councilman Cimperman focuses primarily on the areas of Economic Development, Quality of Life, LGBT, Urban Agriculture, Healthy Cleveland, and Arts and Culture. Ward 3 is comprised of individuals that collectively make up the Ward. These individuals and the Ward believe in each other and the City of Cleveland and are willing to do extraordinary things to achieve success and greatness. Although the resources are not always indentified, Councilman Cimperman aids in bridging the gap between resources and need because it is not about us, but instead, about each other.