Healthy CLE

As Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, Councilman Cimperman was instrumental in the creation of the Healthy Cleveland Resolution. Known as Healthy Cleveland, Resolution No. 257-11 was passed in May, 2011 and endorsed the creation of “Healthy Cleveland” - a collaborative effort between Cleveland’s four major hospital systems, the City of Cleveland, and Mayor Frank G. Jackson to create healthier neighborhoods and residents.

Through the collaboration of Cleveland’s four nationally recognized health systems, Healthy CLE addresses smoking cessation, diet and nutrition, exercise and mobility, and mental health in an effort to ensure residents of the City of Cleveland live longer, healthier lives by combating chronic health conditions. Healthy CLE is about addressing community health needs in constructive, legislative, educative, and provocative ways.

Councilman Cimperman is unique in his ability to bring individual entities together in order to work as a team to formulate solutions to Cleveland’s challenges. Healthy CLE is no different. Councilman Cimperman facilitated unprecedented collaboration between the City of Cleveland, Cleveland City Council, the four major healthy systems, as well as members from the business community, with the shared goal of improving the quality of life for Cleveland’s residents. Until Healthy CLE, the four major hospital systems had never before collaborated on a project of this scale.

Healthy CLE owes its existence to the four hospital systems and other partners who committed their resources because of their confidence in Councilman Cimperman and his vision for a healthier Cleveland. Cleveland’s hospital systems do things better than any other hospitals in the world. Healthy CLE is about preventing people from being sick so hospitals do not have to wait for patients to come to them. Healthy CLE is about creating an environment where we do not talk about healthcare because it is obsolete due to the fact that people are caring for their own health.

Healthy CLE is about creating a situation in which there is a surplus of community gardens. Healthy CLE is about creating a situation in which people do not need to go to the hospital because they are taking ownership of their healthcare. Healthy CLE is about doing more to help fellow Clevelanders live longer; it is about being a city that recognizes that putting toxins in our food and eating trans fats are bad and lead to diabetes and heart disease, especially in Cleveland’s most vulnerable residents – its children.

Place matters for health. By recognizing that residential segregation powerfully shapes health resources, risks, and life opportunities, and that conditions in the natural, built, and social environments contribute to poor health, Councilman Cimperman sees the need to create equitable access to resources. Councilman Joe Cimperman wants all Clevelanders regardless of socioeconomic status can thrive and achieve a high quality of life. Healthy CLE helps promote and achieve this goal.

Health improvements can be achieved by developing policies and strategies that integrate health into land use planning, neighborhood revitalization, redevelopment, and community design. As a community, we must develop creative policies to create conditions of optimal health for all residents. Councilman Joe Cimperman is devoted to this cause.